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Travel U8 - U19

Style of Play

The Schwaben A.C. Soccer Club teaches an attacking-possession style of soccer. This means Schwaben teams are taught to play out of the back and attack or go forward as often as possible, tempered by a healthy respect for the importance of ball possession.

Developmental System Features and Objectives

Schwaben AC has built a developmental system to teach its attacking-possession philosophy of play. The developmental system has four different stages:
Entry Stage: From U6 through U8
Developmental Stage: From U9 through U11
Transitional Stage: From U12 through U14
Competitive Stage: From U15 through U19

The development of a Schwaben A.C. soccer player is a long and gradual process from a simple to a more complex involvement in the game. Our professional and licensed coaches will guide this progression with enthusiasm in an ethical and knowledgeable way. Players should participate at a level that is challenging and demanding for their ability. Every opportunity will be provided for a player to reach his or her potential. Within this progression players will develop responsibility for their own performance, learn the concept of team sport and learn life lessons. Our goal is to keep the passion for soccer a life long endeavor that will keep a player healthy for their lifetime.

“As a kid they teach you not to play to win, so much as to grow in ability as a player.”

-Lionel Messi on the culture of excellence at Barcelona


Schwaben coaches are expected to present the technical and tactical basic principles of the game in age appropriate direction/guidance. Coaches are there to guide the player through problem solving and exploring their potential by allowing the players to make their own choices on the field. Coaches must help players develop character, discipline, self-motivation, self-worth and an excitement for life.

“Youth prefers to be stimulated rather than instructed.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet